Terrain Park Mapping


NPD has, yet again, stepped up our Terrain Park Game and developed a tool that allows you to design your own park and have them be viewable across all platforms and all devices! Seriously – our new & improved Build Your Own Park tool is now HTML5 based and can be viewed on any mobile device! Imagine your riders checking out the latest park layout on the way to the mountain! CONTACT US TODAY TO CHECK OUT A DEMO BELOW & TO DISCUSS GETTING YOU SET UP FOR THE SEASON! device_graphic1                

NPD will supply you with a full library of park feature icons and even design signature park elements as needed.

Any time there’s a change in your park layouts, simply access each individual park, click & drag features around on the custom trail background, add photos & video to each respective feature you put on the trail (apply YouTube videos as well!). When you’re satisfied with the layout, hit Publish and your online version is now updated to show the most current changes across all platforms & devices. One click updates everywhere you’re displaying your Park Map! mobile_int_map_graphic fb_int_int_map

droid_app_html5_graphicBYOP Features:

  • Nested Park Illustrations of each Terrain Park Trail. Whether you have 1 park or 10 – explore from one easy interface!
  • Viewable across all desktop & mobile devices!
  • Full Facebook Integration
  • Embed Codes to allow for posting your park layouts in blogs, on any web page, etc.
  • Unlimited Photos & Videos for each park feature!
  • Access to our wide library of park feature icons
  • Drag & drop features onto your trails to design your own park
  • Publish your most current park layouts to the front-end of your site
  • Ability to effectively market your commitment to providing the most kick-ass Freestyle Terrain
  • Create a scalable communication tool that your core park audience will want to revisit & share with their friends.
  • A tool to stealthily educate your riders on key Safety-Related messaging such as: Smart Style, park etiquette, ATML and more!
NPD can also provide illustrated features that can be ‘called’ when an icon on the trail is clicked. This can either be a photo of the feature or a custom designed version. If your park crew builds a sweet new signature rail, we can design an illustration to showcase that new feature OR you can use a photo of it and utilize our pre-built Photo & Video Viewing Grid. SMART STYLE and Park Etiquette info will be a stealthy focus for your visitors!